Research Data Storage

Reliable access to data sets is a critical component of the research process. The UTech Research Computing team leverages a highly redundant, network attached storage system to offer secure storage solutions for principal investigators.

Scalable storage and high-speed networking allow researchers across all departments at Case Western Reserve University to securely store and access their data.

Operation of the Research Data Storage service is guided by usage policies approved by the Advisory Committee on Research Computing. Please visit our Service Options for Data Storage and Archival page or contact UTech Research Computing for additional information.

The standard research storage service provides easy, reliable, and immediate access to research data from on-campus offices (as a mapped drive in Windows or an NFS mounted filesystem in Linux or OSX) as well as from the HPC systems. All data is replicated between the two CWRU data centers to protect against a data center disaster.

To learn more information regarding this service please view our Research Storage Service Document.

Who manages the Research Data Storage service?

The Service Manager is Hadrian Djohari. He can be reached at

How can I get the service?

Please contact

In addition to the Additional HPC Information section below, please view our Research Computing Brochure.