Service Options for Data Storage and Archival

UTech provides several cloud and on-premise (campus based) services for processing and storing research data. The following information has been prepared to publicize our service offerings and to provide guidance on their usage. For more information including how to subscribe to any of the services please contact the Research Computing team at or for 24 hour support.

UTech provides the following cloud storage services for free for all students, staff, and faculty. In addition to unlimited storage capacity, each service is web based, and offers both desktop and mobile clients to allow synchronization of content to all enabled devices. Cloud storage options are well suited for word documents, spreadsheets, and other files used by productivity applications. Larger multi-gigabyte files may also be stored, but will take time to upload and download due to their size.

Box Storage

Box ( is a secure storage and file sharing platform hosted in the cloud that will enable you to store, edit, and share files securely. Box is the only approved cloud storage platform for storing restricted data in the cloud at Case Western Reserve University (CWRU). Box provides many application connectors, including Microsoft Office, that eliminate the need to share document revisions through attachments.

Google Drive

Google Drive ( acts as a cloud storage solution where you can store and share files with ease. Google Drive is also where Google Docs and Google Sheets can be created. These are fully collaborative documents that, once created, can be shared and simultaneously edited with colleagues. Team Drives are an additional feature of Google Drive that provides a shared space where teams can easily store, search, and access their files anywhere, from any device. Google Drive provides free unlimited storage, but can only be used to store internal and public data.

UTech provides the following on-premise storage services for sponsored faculty lab use. The services are aimed at providing an ecosystem of storage services that reflect the lifecycle of research projects and their scale. Due to being on on-premise, they offer higher levels of performance than cloud services, and can be scaled to handle the complex requirements of storing instrument data while serving compute processing job files simultaneously. With the exception of the Secure Research Environment (SRE), all storage services can only be used to store internal and public data.

Research Storage

The standard Research Storage (RS) service provides easy, reliable, and immediate access to research data from on-campus offices (as a mapped drive in Windows or an NFS mounted file system in Linux or OSX) as well as from the HPC cluster systems. All data is replicated between the two CWRU data centers to protect against a data center disaster and can be purchased in 1 TB increments.  The system provides recovery from accidental file deletion through snapshots and maintains seven days worth of revisions.

Price: $180 per 1 TB of storage per year.

Research Dedicated Storage

Research Dedicated Storage (RDS) provides research labs dedicated storage capacity directly tied to the High Performance Computing (HPC) cluster. Faculty may purchase servers from UTech in increments of 100 TBs or more. The storage servers are NFS mounted on the HPC login and compute nodes in the /mnt/rds/ folder. All administration activities are provided by UTech Research Computing. Research Dedicated Storage can only be used for internal and public data. The system provides recovery from accidental file deletion through snapshots and maintains seven days worth of revisions.

Price: Please contact Research Computing for more information.

Research Archive Storage

Research Archive Storage (RAS) provides faculty members and principal investigators a means to store data that has long-term value but is infrequently accessed. The system is designed to handle the needs of research and allows for movement of large amounts of data into an UTech managed system in a convenient fashion. The system provides users with a defined bucket, caches the buckets on high-speed SSD storage, and determines the best method to write the data to tape in order to maximize system performance and minimize cost. The stored data is written in the open LTFS format to ensure future access. UTech recommends the use of at minimum two tapes per copy of data to ensure resilience and data integrity.

Price: $200 per 5.2 TB (two LTO-7 tapes) of capacity. Tapes will be archived for no more than 8 years and can be upgraded as needed to next generation technology.

High Performance Computing Storage

High Performance Computing Storage is a reservable, fast, parallel storage systems that can be used to provide a more permanent location for data consumed and created on the High Performance Compute (HPC) Cluster. Faculty may purchase storage of increments of 1TB or more for use with the HPCC. This service is ideal for large data sets that are used for long running HPCC jobs that do not meet storage policies regarding storage quota allocations or scratch usage. The system provides recovery from accidental file deletion through snapshots and maintains seven days worth of revisions.

Price: $200 per 1 TB of storage per year.

Secure Research Environment

The Secure Research Environment (SRE) is a controlled environment and NIST SP 800-171 based security program. Restricted research data with sensitive content maybe stored and analyzed inside the environment.

Price: Please contact Research Computing for more information