CWRU Network ID Passphrase

Passphrases are created upon the activation of the CWRU Network ID. It is recommended that they be changed every 180 days (once per semester); passphrases expire after 365 days, except if the user is enrolled in Duo Security. You will receive email notifications prior to your passphrase's expiration date. Prior to your passphrase's expiration date, it can be changed. If you forget your passphrase, it can be reset at the passphrase reset page.

IMPORTANT: CWRU will never ask for your passphrase via email. If you receive an email asking for your CWRU Network ID passphrase, it is a phishing email meant to steal your identity. NEVER give out your CWRU Network ID passphrase!

The CWRU passphrase must contain the following attributes:

  • Minimum required character length of 12
  • Can contain words and spaces (e.g. “correct horse battery staple”)
  • Passphrase complexity will be calculated by a meter while the user creates it
  • Minimum complexity is required to ensure passphrases will be strong, as indicated by a “green” score on the passphrase meter
  • Users enrolled in CWRU Duo Security two-factor authentication system will no longer need to change their login passphrases annually.

Please note: If you or your business unit use Active Directory, your passphrase cannot contain more than three numbers in sequence.

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