Leaving CWRU - KBA 18991

Typically, active student status will continue for 180 days after leaving the University. After that time your account should automatically transition to Alumni status if you have successfully met the university's qualification criteria for alumni (typically successful completion of 12 or more credit hours of classes). The alum status is automatically applied to your account when you have successfully met the qualification criteria - no further action is required on your part. A number of benefits and services available to alums may be found at case.edu/alumni/news-perks/perks. We are unable to offer VPN or Software Center access to alums at this time.

If you are departing with a registered computer, such as a laptop, you may use the Registered System Release Form available at the UTech Automated Tools website to unregister your computer, or you may let your registered devices expire automatically, which they will within 5 years of the date on which they are registered.

If you are a departmental system administrator, any departmental servers, machines or other network devices that are registered to you MUST be re-registered to either your replacement or someone else in the department. If the systems remain registered to you, network support personnel will not be able to contact the appropriate personnel if there is a problem with any of those systems.