Work with Groups through Email

You can communicate with your Group through email. Members of the university community can switch between and email for sending and receiving Group messages. However, external users who do not have a CWRU Network ID and password will need to use email to send and receive Group messages.

Creating a New Topic/Thread

When you create a new topic, you also are creating the first post in the topic. A new topic is analogous to a new email thread.

  1. Open a new email message.
  2. Enter the email address of the Group in the To field. The Group email address can be found in any message received from the Group.
  3. Enter a subject for your post in the Subject field.
  4. Compose your message, and click Send to post it to the Group.

Read and Respond to Group Posts

  1. Click on the email in your inbox. The contents of the email are displayed.
  2. Select reply or reply to all. Pay attention to the recipients, as some Groups are set for replies to go to the entire Group by default.
  3. Type a response to the email.
  4. Click Send to post your message.