Check Your Cloud Storage

My Drive, Photos, Gmail

  1. Sign into Google Drive
  2. From the left side menu click on "Storage"
  3. Google displays the total storage, breaking it down for each service. Shown below are a list of your files in Google Drive starting with the largest ones first.

    Note: Recently discarded files affect your storage total until they are permanently removed. Select "Trash" from the left side menu, then click "Empty trash". Return to "Storage" to see your new total.

Learn how to download your Google data.

Shared Drives

Use the UTech Shared Drive Tool to:

  • See a list of the Shared Drives you can access that do not have an active CWRU manager.
  • See a list of Shared Drives you manage that are over the 100 GB limit. The storage used in each of those drives will be listed.
  • Find out if you manage Shared Drives with a combined storage over 200 GB. If you do, all of your Shared Drives will be listed along with the storage used in each.
  1. Sign into
  2. In the upper left hand corner click on the 9 dot cube and select "OneDrive"
  3. In the upper right hand corner click on the gear icon for settings and select "OneDrive settings"
  4. From the left side menu select "More Settings"
  5. Under "Features and storage" click on "Storage Metrics"
  6. Microsoft shows the amount of storage available and displays your files below

The storage limit for OneDrive is 1TB.

  1. Sign into Box
  2. In the upper right hand corner, click on the CWRU logo with your initials next to it and select "Account Settings"
  3. Scroll down this page to "Account Details" to see how much storage is being used

The storage limit for Box is 1TB.