Wireless Networks

The CWRU wireless network is found in every building and many outdoor locations throughout campus.

To access the secure wireless network, enable your wireless network card and connect to CaseWireless. You will be prompted to enter your CWRU Network ID and password for access. You may also be prompted to accept one or two certificates that will encrypt your connection, which will only have to be done once. Using the CaseWireless network ensures your ability to reach secure resources such as the Software Center and library databases.

As a service to the campus and community, CWRU also has a public wireless network available, called CaseGuest. Because this network is not secured, it is encouraged that members of the CWRU community use the CaseWireless network.

Additionally, visitors to campus who belong to a university or research institution in the eduroam consortium can use the secured eduroam wireless network. Learn more about eduroam.


Hours of Availability:

  • 24/7/365

Level of Severity:

  • P0


  • Mission Critical