Active Learning Classroom

The Active Learning Environments at Case Western Reserve University are an innovative approach to addressing the drawbacks of the traditional classroom. They represent a pedagogical shift toward active learning, collaboration, information access, assessment and instruction delivery.

There are currently 5 fully functional active learning classrooms on campus:

  • Nord 356:  Accommodates 54 students in 9 groups/pods of 6.
  • Mather Memorial 125: Accommodates 20 students in 4 groups/pods of 5-6.
  • Thwing 101: Accommodates 48 students in 8 groups/pods of 6.
  • Bingham 204: Accommodates 30 students in 5 groups/pods of 6.
  • Robbins E-240A: Accommodates 48 students in 6 groups/pods of 8.


Room features include:

  • Steelcase Node chairs for flexibility and collaboration
  • Movable and configurable tables
  • Interactive Windows touch computers with web conferencing functionality
  • Sufficient wireless Internet bandwidth to accommodate over 3 devices per person
  • HD Displays
  • One flexible facilitator station
  • Substantial writeable walls and whiteboards
  • Steelcase Verb slate style whiteboards, easels and wall mounts for individual and group use
  • LED lighting
  • Zone audio and PA


Rooms are available 24/7 to students, faculty, and staff.

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Faculty at CWRU can apply for participation in the Active Learning Fellowship and can request rooms for their classes via the Registrar's office.

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