Learning Environments

For many of us, phrases such as "classroom" or "lecture hall" conjure memories of stiff, wooden chairs with ill-fitting desk attachments, endless pen and paper notes, and long-winded explanations from textbooks and professors. The Active Learning Environments at Case Western Reserve University are an innovative approach to addressing the drawbacks of the traditional classroom by transforming classrooms using modern spatial arrangement and technology to promote a pedagogical shift toward active learning, collaboration, information access, assessment and instruction delivery.

There are 5 fully functional active learning classrooms on campus:

  • Nord 356 can accommodate 54 students for active learning in 9 groups/pods of 6.
  • Mather Memorial 125 can accommodate 20 students for active learning in 4 groups/pods of 5-6. 
  • Thwing 101 can accommodate 48 students for active learning in 8 groups/pods of 6.
  • Bingham 204 can accommodate 30 students for active learning in 5 groups/pods of 6.
  • Robbins E-240A - can accommodate 48 students in 6 groups/pods of 8.


  • Steelcase Node chairs for flexibility and collaboration
  • Movable and configurable tables
  • Interactive Windows touch computers
  • Sufficient wireless Internet bandwidth to accommodate 3+ devices per person
  • HD Displays
  • Flexible facilitator station
    • Windows computer
    • Laptop connection
    • Auxiliary audio and video connection
  • Substantial writeable walls and whiteboards
  • Steelcase Verb slate-style whiteboards, easel whiteboards, and wall mounts
  • LED lighting
  • Zoned audio and lighting


Want to use an Active Learning Classroom? All rooms can be reserved through the Spartan Reservation System.

Active Learning Classroom Technology User Guide