Business Process Improvement

In order to enhance the efficiencies of any business unit, it is important to understand the current environment. The Business Analyst team located within UTech is available to help.

Utilizing a people, process and technology approach to assessing your department, the analysts will work with your team to identify areas that can be streamlined, improved and stabilized.

Process Improvement Initiatives are generally free of charge and provide the following deliverables.

  • Current state process map
  • Future state process map
  • High level requirements
  • Recommendation

If you are interested in a process review of your area, please reach out to a member of the business analyst team for more information. 

People and Process Before Technology

Stage 1- Current State Definition

  • Stakeholders
  • Current Workflow
  • Current Architecture
  • Interviews; current state process maps

Stage 2- Current State Analysis

  • What is working?
  • What isn't working?
  • What are the needs of the business?
  • Requirements
  • Requirement Documentation Begins

Stage 3- Future State Definition

  • Potential Future State Workflow
  • Potential Future State Architecture
  • Potential Future State Roles
  • Brainstorming Sessions, Future State Maps, Architecture Reviews, Requirements Concluded

Stage 4- Gap Analysis

  • Technology Recommendation
  • Workflow Recommendation
  • Business Recommendation
  • Recommendations