Canvas is a web-based Learning Management System (LMS). It provides a location for organizing and distributing course materials as well as access to a variety of learning tools. Instructors and students can use Canvas' tools to communicate, collaborate, and assess performance.

Canvas can be used to supplement classroom-based courses, supply the online component of hybrid courses, or deliver the content for distance education courses.


Available online 24/7, Canvas provides on-demand access to materials and allows for anytime learning. In addition to allowing instructors to share course materials, Canvas offers:

  • A wide variety of communication tools such as announcements and email lists.
  • Collaboration tools, including discussion boards.
  • Assessment options such as tests, surveys and assignments.
  • The ability to collect, annotate, and grade student submissions within Canvas.
  • An online grade book that can be customized to fit your classroom needs.

Canvas can send out notifications for upcoming deadlines and important dates, making it easy to ensure work is completed on time.

Technical Details

Canvas is a hosted solution. Canvas managed hosting clients (including CWRU) are promised a 99.9%/month uptime.

SLA Details

Depending on the severity of the issue, Canvas SLAs are within 1 hour to 1 business day. Internal SLAs follow the standard FootPrints system.


Canvas is used by faculty and students across the CWRU campus.

Get The Service

Go to and, if prompted, provide your CWRU Network ID and password.

Visit the Canvas resource site.