MediaVision Courseware (MVCW) creates an integrated online learning environment for select courses. Echo360 is the lecture capture system that is used to provide automated and semi-automated course recording, as well as the capability for ad hoc classroom recordings and, most recently, Personal Lecture Capture (course recordings created using an instructor's laptop or desktop computer).

Echo360 recordings are editable and distributed to students via Canvas. Lecture recordings are supported through classroom Capture Appliances - dedicated, all-in-one devices that record audio, video, and VGA display sources. Classroom Capture is a Windows-only application suited for audio, video, and local screen capture from a dedicated podium or lectern PC inside the classroom.

Please note, faculty may also schedule live camera operators through MediaVision Courseware.


  • Flexible, easy-to-use and feature-rich interface
  • Access and edit course videos directly
  • Gather detailed usage metrics
  • Personal Lecture Capture allows instructors to record videos anywhere, at any time and distribute them through Canvas
  • Access course recordings using on mobile devices
  • Course recordings benefit from a full, 4-year data retention policy

Technical Details

Echo Appliance


  • Capture full-motion output from several devices, including document cameras, electronic whiteboards, and computers
  • Full-motion encoding records applications (such as PowerPoint), annotations, embedded video and animations
  • Capture screen resolutions from 640x480 to 1920x1080
  • All input aspect ratios supported, which are displayed as either Normal (4:3) or Wide (16:9) output

Package Options:

These packaging options produce viewable media for students:

  • Podcast: MP3 audio
  • Vodcast: M4V audio and motion display
  • Audio Rich Media: Flash-based audio and display (browser)
  • EchoPlayer: Flash-based audio, video and display (browser)



MediaVision Courseware is accessed by approximately 5000 students and 300 faculty annually.

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