Financials (FIN)

Financials - also referred to as PeopleSoft Financials or ERP Financials - is the university administrative financial system that is used for General Ledger transactions, Purchasing, and Travel and Expense.

Employees use the system to record financial journal entries, create and approve purchasing requisitions (including the SmartCART system), and enter Travel and Expense reports. The system also provides additional back-end office support for Accounts Payable, Sponsored Projects Accounting, Miscellaneous Billing and Receivables, Asset Management and Cash Management.

PeopleSoft Financials is also used to generate the monthly financial reports that are available through Financials Reporting and LaunchPad and the University Financial Statements.

Financials Reporting is a companion system to the main Financials system. Users have the ability to produce reports on demand during the month without waiting for the month-end update of LaunchPad. Other functions in the Reporting system include online inquiries and running queries.

Access to the system is a multiple-step process, which includes completion of the online Financials security form with approval from your management center and completion of the appropriate training courses. The CWRU Administrative Professional Series (CAPS) offers these courses as well as other optional classes related to finances at CWRU.

Individuals who do not have access to PeopleSoft Financials but would like to shop and create carts in SmartCART can register as a Window Shopper. A user with access to PeopleSoft Financials will approve orders submitted by Window Shoppers.


Financials users are supported by an experienced ERP Team comprised of subject matter experts within the ERP Financials Group and the Division of UTech. By contacting the CWRU Service Desk, your inquiry, issue, or suggestion will be routed to the appropriate team.

Technical Details

  • The servers for Financials are hosted at a data center in Piscataway, New Jersey.
  • Standard maintenance of patching the Operating System and security patching are done on a quarterly basis.
  • Access to Financials Production and the reporting instance can be done from within and outside the CWRU network.
  • Authentication for the general university communication is done through LDAP.
  • Break-Fix and Enhancements are managed by the ERP Team through a system called PHIRE.

SLA Detail:

Service Availability within our hosted data center is 99.90%


FIN is available to employees who maintain financial information (purchasing, payments, and grants data, etc.) for University departments and to those who need to process CWRU Travel and Expense reimbursement requests.

Note: Completion of a Security Form and online training is required to use the eProcurement, Accounts Payable and General Ledger modules.

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Required training and an additional certification program are provided with the CWRU Administrative Professional Series (CAPS) curriculum.

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