High Performance Computing (HPC)

High Performance Computing (HPC) provides multi-purpose, high performance computational resources that allow users to run many single or parallel jobs.

HPC enables the modeling and simulation of various science, engineering, medical and social computational research.


  • Dell PowerEdge servers, Intel Xeon processors
  • GPU nodes for high-end graphics processing
  • Xeon Phi node for massive parallelization
  • SMP nodes for intensive memory needs
  • Compute nodes for general purpose tasks
  • Seamless integration of non-CWRU resources to accommodate continuous job-operation and burst traffic
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux


The cluster is currently available to Case faculty for academic and research purposes. Please acknowledge the use of the HPC cluster in publications and presentations as follows:

"This work made use of the High Performance Computing Resource in the Core Facility for Advanced Research Computing at Case Western Reserve University."

Get The Service

Eligible faculty should complete the online application form. Contact hpc-support@case.edu with any questions regarding the account application process.

Download the Research Computing Brochure to learn more about the HPC cluster and other related services.