Research Data Storage

Reliable access to data sets is a critical component of the research process. The UTech Research Computing team leverages a highly redundant, network attached storage system to offer secure storage solutions for principal investigators.

Scalable storage and high-speed networking allow researchers across all departments at Case Western Reserve University to securely store and access their data.


  • Purchase multiple terabytes of storage space, scale as needed
  • Secure storage
  • Immediate access to high-speed networking
  • Use multiple file sharing protocols, including Globus
  • Easily collaborate with research entities on- and off-campus


This service is available to faculty members and principal investigators at Case Western Reserve University.

Get The Service

Research Computing offers a variety of additional pre-award consultative services, including data management consultation and funding-agency application consultation.

For additional information, please visit our Service Options for Data Storage and Archival page or contact UTech Research Computing.