Sparta (Sponsored Programs Application for Research Tracking and Administration) is an electronic pre-award system for submission of grant proposals and initiation of research.

The system, administered by the Office of Research and Technology Management, is currently used for Pre-Award proposals (SpartaPre) and for Conflict of Interest certifications (SpartaCOI).


Sparta Pre-Award includes a number of key features, such as:

  • Smart Forms: The system will ask you questions appropriate to the type of research being proposed
  • Pre-loaded Fields: Commonly used information will be entered for you to minimize data entry errors
  • Form Validation: The system examines data as it is entered to minimize data entry errors
  • Budget Functionality: Cost sharing is calculated for you
  • Automatic generation of the SF-424 forms when needed
  • System-to-system submission to
  • Proposal "cloning": Once you have created a proposal, you can use it as a template for future proposals

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For more information, visit the Office of Research and Technology Management's Sparta Information website.