SpartaIRB Info

We are pleased to announce that SpartaIRB (, the new electronic IRB submission system for both University Hospitals and Case Western Reserve University, was fully implemented in March 2018. The new system is designed to be more user-friendly, and we hope that it will make the process of submitting to the IRB easier and more straightforward.

Sparta IRB Research Tracking + Administration

We transitioned approved study data from the current systems (UH’s “” and CWRU’s “”) at each institution into SpartaIRB. 

After March 1, 2018, you will not be able to begin any new work in either iRIS system, and new studies will be submitted in SpartaIRB. Investigators should anticipate delays in processing submissions during this time period.

In SpartaIRB, much of the information about your study will be submitted to the IRB in a protocol template document, which is a Microsoft Word file. When submitting in SpartaIRB, it is REQUIRED that these templates be used. These documents are available in the SpartaIRB Library under the Templates tab. 

Training will continue be available in 2018 to help researchers navigate the new system and can be registered for on CWRU's Research Education calendar

For more information about UH's IRB office, visit UH's Clinical Research office website.

For more information about CWRU's IRB office, visit CWRU's Office of Research Compliance website