SAGES Capstone Presentations for Music Majors

Haydn Hall (front) with pink flowers in spring
Wednesday, May 3, 2023

2:00 - 5:00 PM
Harkness Chapel, Classroom

CWRU students participate in a SAGES Capstone project over one or two semesters, culminating in a final public presentation of their work in a university-wide celebration of scholarship and service. This is a self-designed project, which explores a subject of particular interest. It may take the form of a research paper, a presentation, a presentation with a performance component, a recording project, or any other format that demonstrates the student’s achievement.

AJ Kluth, Instructor

Presentation Schedule

2:00 PM | "A Treatment as Plastic as the Brain: Analyzing the Role of Adaptive Music Therapy in Treating Parkinson's Disease"
Prateek Dullur

Arts & Sciences Undergraduate - Neuroscience (BS)/Music (BA)/Computer Science (Min)/Artificial Intelligence (Min)/Chemistry (Min)

2:30 PM | "The Position of Improvisation in Bach’s Creative Process"
Xiaoyang Ni

Arts & Sciences Undergraduate - Music (BA)

3:00 PM | "Biomarkers in Autism: A Future for Music Therapy"
Kathy Jiang

Arts & Sciences Undergraduate - Biology (BA)/Music (BA)/Pre-Health

3:30 PM | "Logotherapy and music of the Holocaust"
Rachel Ader
Arts & Sciences Undergraduate - Music (BA)/Unknown/Psychology (BA)

4:00 PM | "Developing and Conveying the Jazz Culture in Recorded Music"
Hugh Bessolo

Arts & Sciences Undergraduate - Music (BA)/Management Undergraduate - Finance (BSM)

4:30 PM | "Hearing Globalization: The Impact of a Global Music Culture"
Sasha Desberg

Arts & Sciences Undergraduate - Music (BA)/Anthropology (BA)/French (Min)