Instrumental Locker Policies and Requests


  • All padlocks provided by Case Western Reserve University Department of Music must remain on the lockers. 
  • During the first week of classes, locker checkout is limited to music majors for their primary instrument only. Beginning with the second week of classes, locker assignments are open to non-majors as well. Anyone unable to secure a locker may ask to be put on a waiting list for the next available locker.
  • Locker assignments are academic-year-long reservations. Students must clear all contents from lockers by the last day of spring semester finals.

Post-Deadline Content Removal
: After the last day of finals in the spring semester, any remaining locks will be cut off and contents will be submitted to the CWRU Music Department Lost & Found.

Summer Checkout
: Lockers are also available during the summer months by special request to your ensemble director. See below.

Responsibility Clause
: CWRU Department of Music accepts no responsibility for the contents in the lockers and students are accepting that lockers are utilized at the student’s own risk.

Access the request form here.   

Instrument Storage Lockers Operations

Denison/Haydn Hall

The Department of Music will make instrument storage lockers available to music majors and non-majors currently enrolled in official CWRU Department of Music sponsored ensembles, following established university guidelines and policies. These policies are not intended to be restrictive or punitive. They have been established and will be enforced, to ensure consistent treatment of students, and to ensure the safety and security of university and student-owned equipment.


  • Lockers are issued by the Department of Music to current music majors and non-majors who are officially enrolled in CWRU Department of Music sponsored ensembles during the fall and spring semesters.
  • It is not customary for university departments to issue lockers to students for personal storage except when participation in department-sponsored events, classes, and activities requires certain equipment. As such, lockers may not be made available for books, clothes, or other personal belongings. Lockers are issued at the discretion of the department, primarily for storage of instruments, music, and other equipment pertaining to the department of music.
  • Lockers may be available during the summer semesters on a case-by-case basis, based on availability, justification, and at the discretion of the Department Chair.
  • Unissued (empty) lockers may not be claimed or used by students without following official departmental procedures as described below. Instruments or other equipment found in unissued lockers will be removed by departmental personnel.
  • Only locks issued by the Department of Music are to be used on departmental lockers. Personal locks will be cut-off by departmental personnel at the student’s expense, and the contents will be removed.
  • Students may not share locker combinations with other individuals. If lock/locker sharing is reported to the administration students may lose future locker privileges.
  • All lockers are subject to search at any time by University personnel. Prohibited items (defined in the Student Code of Conduct) found in lockers will be surrendered to Campus Police and the student will be reported to the Dean of Students. View the official policy.
  • Lockers should be kept free of trash or other debris that could attract rodents and pests. Lockers that contain excessive amounts of trash may be emptied at the department’s discretion, and the students’ locker will be revoked upon the third offense.
  • University personnel should be able to access lockers at all times. Posters, papers, fabric or other items may not be affixed to locker doors. Nor should lockers be decorated or customized with stickers, markers, or other items.
  • Lockers are issued to students based on the size of their primary instrument and availability, and not the preference of the student. Larger lockers are issued only to students who play larger instruments, or to students who are enrolled in more than one ensemble and need additional spaces for storage. Example: A student who plays alto saxophone in Symphonic Winds, but plays baritone saxophone in jazz band will be issued a locker for the baritone sax.
  • Students with cases holding multiple instruments are issued larger lockers as available.
  • Lockers are issued at the beginning of each long semester in order of priority:
    • First, Instrumental majors requesting a locker for their primary instrument
    • Second, instrumental majors requesting a locker larger than what is deemed suitable for their primary instrument, or requesting an additional locker; only applies when ensemble requirements necessitate additional storage needs.
    • Third, Non-majors currently enrolled in CWRU instrumental ensembles(s).
  • At the end of the fall semester, all students will indicate if they plan to keep their locker for the spring semester, or if the locker will be returned. If not notice is given locker will be cleaned out and returned. At the end of the spring semester, all lockers will be returned.
  • Neither the Department of Music, nor its representatives (faculty, staff, graduate assistants, or student workers) will, at any time for any reason, allow students to gain access to a locker that has been issued to another student.

Instrument Storage Rooms & Ensemble Lockers

Instrument Storage Rooms and Ensemble Lockers are only for storage of group instruction instruments and access is only issued on a semester-by-semester basis to students who are officially enrolled in the current group instruction courses: Pop, Jazz, select Music Education courses. Consult with course instructor for details.

Access to these rooms/lockers is at the discretion of the group instruction faculty member. The group instruction faculty member and/or designated student worker will issue combination and/or key access to these areas and instruments at the beginning of the semester and will check-in equipment at the end of the semester. Additional instructions may be provided by the faculty member and/or in the group instruction course syllabus. All responsibilities outlined above for individual student lockers applies to group storage facilities.

Academic Year-End Closing Procedures

This information pertains to all music majors and ensemble members with instruments and/or lockers, and students interested in summer access.

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