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September/October 2017 (PDF)
Headlines: Too tired at Work?; Using Electrical Protective Equipment; Labeling and Transfer of Chemicals; S. Typhimurium Lab Exposure; Uses for Radiation—Part One; Chemical Spotlight—Cyanide; Fun Page; Featured Staff Member—Conti

June/July 2017 (PDF)
Headlines: National Safety Month; Ultraviolet Radiation (Part V); Respiratory Infection Control: Respirators Versus Surgical Masks; New Hepititus C Infections; Chemical Spotlight—Iodine; Fun Page; Featured Staff Member—Nikstenas

March/April 2017 (PDF)
Headlines: Stress Strategies; Ultraviolet Radiation (Part IV); Final Walkin/Working Surfaces Rule; Chemical Spotlight—Ammonia; Fun Page; Featured Staff Member—Page

December 2016/January 2017 (PDF)
Headlines: Strategies To Suppress Stress; Ultraviolet Radiation (Part III)—Earth’s Surface; Preventing The Spread of Norovirus; Top 10 OSHA Violations of 2016; Chemical Spotlight—Mercury; Fun Page; Featured Staff Member—Neyman

September/October 2016 (PDF)
Headlines: Safety In The Office; Ultraviolet Radiation (Part II)—Effects on The Biosphere; Preventing Norovirus Outbreaks; Computer Screen Eyestrain; ABCs of LOTO; Computer Screen Eyestrain; Chemical Spotlight—Hydrogen Peroxide; Fun Page; Featured Staff Member—Kirk

June/July 2016 (PDF)
Headlines: What happens in an EPA Inspection—Part IV; Ultraviolet Radiation: How It Affects Life on Earth; About Antimicrobial Resistance; Eye on Safety; Chemical Spotlight—Formaldehyde; Fun Page; Featured Staff Member—Scott

March/April 2016 (PDF)
Headlines: What happens in an EPA Inspection—Part III; EPA Facts About Tritium; CDC Newsroom: Zika Virus; Background On Burns; Get A Handle On Hand Tools; Chemical Spotlight—Methylene Chloride; Fun Page; Featured Staff Member—Kulasekere

December 2015/January 2016 (PDF)
Headlines: What happens in an EPA Inspection—Part II; ODH Safety Culture Policy; Hand to Mouth Hygiene and Vaccines are not just for Kids; Health Holidays—Eating Well; The Season of Lights; Chemical Spotlight—Phenol; Fun Page; Featured Staff Member—Latsch

September/October 2015 (PDF)
Headlines: What happens in an EPA Inspection—Part I; Radiation and National Security; Plague; Near Misses; Chemical Spotlight—Acetone; Featured Staff Member—Dubnisheva

June/July 2015 (PDF)
Headlines: Identifying Indoor Air Quality Problems; Raducation Ionizing Radiation Detection and Measurement; Reducing Foodborne Infections; Drink Water but Ditch The Bottle; Preventing Mercury Exposures; Featured Staff Member—Cook

March/April 2015 (PDF)
Headlines: Falls can be Prevented; Raducation 3 NORM and TENORM; Protecting Yourself from Contaminated Sharps; Laboratory Safety Chemical Hygiene Plan

December 2014/January 2015 (PDF)
Headlines: Cryogens and Dry Ice; Where Radiation Comes From; Ebola Virus Disease; 10 Basic Steps for Ladder Safety

September/October 2014 (PDF)
Headlines: Making International Shipments: What CWRU Shippers Need to Do; Liability in the Lab-UCLA Incident; Raducation-Radiation Basics; Bloodborne Pathogen Standard

June 2014/July 2014 (PDF)
Headlines: International Export Compliance Regulations; Sharps Injuries; Contractor Cited for Employee’s Death; Research Isotopes

March 2014/April 2014 (PDF)
Headlines: Most Frequently Cited OSHA Standards; Control of Hazardous Energy (Lock Out/Tag Out); Extreme Heat; Properly Securing Radioactive Materials

December 2013/January 2014 (PDF)
Headlines: Focus on Asbestos; Equipment Clearance for Disposal or Relocation; Risk Group Versus Biosafety Level (part II); When to Record a Post-Experimental Survey

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