Greenhouse Complex

View of CWRU Greenhouse complex from outside

The greenhouse facilities consist of two teaching laboratories and the Debra Ann November Research Greenhouse. The greenhouse laboratories are used for biology classes and other research purposes. The "Debra Ann November Research Greenhouse" is adjacent to the building and has six separate houses for research and teaching.

Students taking Aquatic Biology (BIOL 339) in the fall can study the freshwater ecosystems at the farm and use the greenhouse to study the organisms that inhabit these systems. Those attending the Principles of Ecology (BIOL 351/451) course also use the greenhouse laboratories during the fall. During the summer, the labs are used to help instructors in the Summer Ecology Course for Middle School and High School Teachers (Biol 802).

Tobacco plants are being grown in the greenhouse for Dr. Mark Willis from the Department of Biology. Dr. Willis uses the plants so female moths can lay their eggs. He also works on flight patterns of moths in the neurobiology area.

Other programs using the greenhouse include the Farm Food Program and several researchers including Dr. Jean Burns and Dr Chris Cullis.