Grape Vineyards

concord grapes
Ana Locci

University Farm has history not only in its buildings but also in its plants and gardens. The Concord Grape vines are over 100 years old and they are still producing!

Old photo of horse driven through a vineyard with trees on sides and in background

However, being as old as they are, they fell into somewhat disrepair. Since 2016, they are undergoing a serious rehabbing, involving clearing out the underbrush, laying down a weed barrier, taking cuttings from the old vines to propagate new ones, rebuilding the trellis and training the vines to grow tall and strong.

Concord Grapes 2
Ana Locci

It is a process that is taking several years to increase production levels. So far with the proper pruning, upkeep, and proper training, the Farm Food Program has a seven rows running vineyard that should produce for years to come.

Concord Grapes 3
Ana Locci