Wade Vegetable Garden

Three students planting in the CWRU Wade Vegetable Garden

Wade Vegetable Garden is located at the Valley Ridge Farm, otherwise known as the Lower Farm, is the most diverse growing area on the property. With almost 2 acres of growing space, the farmers of the Farm Food Program (FFP) can grow everything from thousands of pounds of sweet potatoes to peppers and green beans. In the fall of 2010, a team of volunteers joined up with the staff to build a full-perimeter, partially buried fence to protect the crops from both burrowing and larger animals, like rabbits and deer.

Valley Ridge gardens
Ana Locci

Originally the growing area covered 5000 square feet but through yearly expansions, it now covers almost 2 acres with the addition of an external garlic perimeter in the fall of 2012.

Watering is essential as is managing both pests and weeds. The drip irrigation system runs on a solar powered time clock, allowing water to be delivered directly to each plant, reducing waste and conserving energy. In line with the FFP's goals to be sustainable and environmentally friendly, instead of using chemical weed killers, volunteers and staff alike spend time hand weeding.