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Giving Back 

MSA Graduation

The Master of Science in Anesthesia (MSA) program was established in 1970 to address the emerging need for highly qualified, mid-level anesthesia providers. Over the past 50+ years, the MSA program has trained over 1,000 of the nation's top certified anesthesiologist assistants (CAAs). The MSA program is committed to ensuring all our students have pathways to success - to this end we are actively fundraising to support the academic, financial, and mental well-being of our students. Your contribution to our MSA Student Assistance Fund will help provide:

  • New merit-based awards and scholarships, opportunities for MSA students to showcase their knowledge and skills and/or application thereof
  • Emergency financial support to our students, without which their tenure in the program could be at risk
  • Health and wellness initiatives that will provide consistent support to our students, such as wellness days, access to online mental health resources, and regular guest speakers.

We also maintain our Helmut Cascorbi Valedictorian Award, in which $1,000 is awarded annually to the top graduating student (by GPA) at each program location. Established in 2011 as an annual scholarship, the award was transitioned in 2023 to its present form in homage to Dr. Cascorbi's significant and fundamental contributions to the MSA program and CAA profession.

As Case Western Reserve University is a 501(c)3 non-profit, all donations to MSA students through our official channels are 100% tax-deductible. Please consider a gift to our MSA students through the MSA Student Assistance Fund or to the Helmut Cascorbi Valedictorian Award, both of which directly help our students thrive and succeed as they train to join the ranks of the nation's top CAAs.

To make a one-time or recurring donation, please visit the MSA program's official giving page. If you are interested in exploring an endowment, named scholarship or other legacy contribution to the MSA program and its students, please contact our Manager of Partnerships and Development Lauren Bohatka for more information.