Student Body Profile

The MSA Program welcomes an average class of 75 students, combined, to its three locations in Cleveland, Ohio; Houston, Texas; and Washington, D.C. each year. As a collective, the current students in the CWRU MSA Program held an average undergraduate GPA of 3.48 and earned an average MCAT score of 500.

While a portion of the students begin the program immediately following the completion of their undergraduate work, a significant number of current students started their studies at CWRU after working for a number of years in industry or completing a graduate degree. The average age of the cohort is 25 years old.

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Background by Academic Field

Biology and Biological Sciences 44%
Other* 20%
Biochemistry and Chemistry 11%
Medical (includes Health Sciences, Medical Technology, Nursing, Premed and Public Health)  10%
Psychology and Neuroscience 9%
Cell, Molecular and Microbiology 3%
Human Biology and Physiology 3%

*Accounting, Advertising, Anthropology, Biomolecular, Communications, Economics, Emergency Management, Engineering, Exercise Science, Government, Kinesiology, Law, Metabolism and Nutrition, Natural Sciences, various Liberal Arts and Interdisciplinary fields.

Gender Breakdown

Female 51%
Male 49%

Where are we from?

Each icon on the map below indicates the location of our current students’ undergraduate institutions.