Master of Science in Anesthesia Graduate Outcomes

Certified anesthesiologist assistants are in high demand due to a nationwide shortage of anesthesia care providers. Therefore, it’s no surprise that nearly 100% of graduates from the Master of Science in Anesthesia Program at Case Western Reserve University have received job offers by the time of commencement. In fact, the majority of students receive offers during the fall semester of their second year, and many entertain multiple offers.

As a cohort, CWRU MSA graduates earn starting salaries averaging $150,000 annually. Paired with wonderful benefit packages, the career affords our graduates the opportunity to make a direct impact on patients’ lives while maintaining a work-life balance unique in the healthcare industry.

The Class of 2018 and 2019 accepted positions at hospitals and healthcare facilities across the country, which can be viewed in the map below.

On average, CWRU MSA graduates a total of 75 students annually from its three program locations. View location-specific graduate outcomes for Cleveland, Houston, or Washington, D.C.

Specializing as a CAA

During the second year of clinical work, CWRU MSA students have their choice of over 80 top hospitals across the United States for elective rotations. This access enables students to see higher acuity cases, test their skills in emergency situations and grow increasingly confident in the operating room. Additionally, they are able to pursue specialties during their clinical work, such as pediatrics, neurology, and trauma, which uniquely prepares them for employment at specialty hospitals.

In addition to their work in the operating room, many CWRU MSA graduates pursue careers as program faculty, clinical instructors, and advocates for the profession. They complete research, participate in medical missions, and pursue personal interests and goals outside of healthcare. Click here to learn more about alumni achievements.