Master of Science in Anesthesia Faculty and Staff

Meet Our Team

The accomplished faculty and clinical instructors who support the Master of Science in Anesthesia Program at Case Western Reserve University are known for creating a sense of community among students while simultaneously offering challenging academic work, hands-on learning experiences, and opportunities tailored to individual student needs. As one of the premier programs in the United States at a top twenty-five medical school, the MSA Program faculty pride themselves on their approach, perspective, and pedagogy.

Each location boasts a program director, a medical director, a director of didactic instruction, a director of clinical instruction, and a director of simulation instruction. The program also has dedicated full-time and adjunct faculty members in addition to a network of clinical instructors at affiliate hospitals across the country.

Network Faculty and Staff

Cleveland, Ohio Faculty and Staff

Houston, Texas Faculty and Staff

Washington, D.C., Faculty and Staff

Austin, Texas Faculty and Staff