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GHID Research Conference

Hosted by the Center for Global Health & Diseases & Division of Infectious Diseases & HIV Medicine. Seminars take place at the Center for Global Health & Disease at the Biomedical Research Building (BRB) 4th floor room 433.

GHID Spring 2024 Schedule
Date- (9am - 10am) Speaker Institution
Jan 12 Chris King CWRU/CGHD
Jan 19 Jessica Prodger, PhD University of Western Ontario
Jan 26 Soumya Panigrahi, PhD CWRU/ID
Feb 2 Michael Freeman, PhD CWRU/ID
Feb 9 Jon Karn, PhD CWRU/MBio
Feb 16 Javier Munoz Purdue/ Brubaker Lab
Feb 23 George Yendewa, MD, PhD CWRU/ID
Mar 1 Vlad Stetsenko, PhD CWRU/ID
Mar 8 TBA  
Mar 15 Steve Carpenter CWRU/ID
Mar 22 TBA  
Mar 29 TBA  
Apr 5 TBA  
Apr 12 TBA  
Apr 19 TBA  
Apr 26 TBA  
May 3 TBA  
May 10 TBA  
May 17 Jacques Ravel, PhD University of Maryland
May 24 TBA  


Pathology Seminar Series

Seminar Series Spring 2024 Schedule
Date- (12pm - 1pm) Speaker Institution
Jan 16 Danny A Milner, Jr, MD, MSc(Epi), FASCP American Society for Clinical Pathology 
Jan 23 Scot Hensley, PhD  University of Pennsylvania 
Jan 30 TBA  
Feb 6 Nardhy Gomez-Lopez, PhD  Wayne State University
Feb 13 Premysl Bercik, MD  McMaster University 
Feb 20 Seth Field, MD, PhD  Harrington Discovery Institute
Feb 27 TBA  
Mar 5 Kingman Strohl, MD   CWRU
Mar 12 TBA  
Mar 19 Kevin McCarthy, PhD  University of Pittsburgh 
Mar 22 TBA  
Mar 26 TBA  
Apr 2 Carla Nowosad, PhD NYY Langone Health 
Apr 9 TBA  
Apr 10 James L. Kirkland, MD, PhD  Mayo Clinic
Apr 16 TBA  
Apr 23 TBA  
Apr 30 TBA  
May 7 TBA  
May 14 Kenneth Aldape, MD  NIH/NCI/CCR 


SWIP: Student Works in Progress Seminar Series

Date Speaker Seminar Title
Jan 8

Himanshu Dashora 30 (Yu Lab) 

Syrena Bracey 30 (Xiao Lab)

Evaluating the role of translation regulation in glioma stem cells  for hypoxic adaptation 

Molecular Mechanisms of Pro-Inflammatory Cytokine  Processing

Jan 22

Alicia Santin 30 (A.Huang Lab) 

Emily Kukan 30 (Cobb Lab)

Decreased memory generation in Piezo1 deficient T cells  ameliorates disease progression in autoimmune mouse models 

M2 macrophages exhibit enhanced environmental sialylated  glycan sensing via Siglec CD22

Jan 29

Kenneth Golovan 60 (Levine Lab)

Opioid receptor signaling in CD4+ T cells

Feb 5

Sarah Barker 30 (Pieper Lab) 
Jordan Cress 30 (Ramakrishnan Lab)

Investigating the role of acetylated tau in the increased risk of  Alzheimer’s disease after traumatic brain injury 

Characterizing O-GlcNAcylated proteins as drivers of AML  growth and survival

Feb 12

Kevin Newhall 30 (Stappenbeck Lab) 

Danielle Browne 30 (Kraus Lab)

Mechanisms of macrophage clearance of Debaryomyces  hansenii, an Inflammatory Bowel Disease associated yeast 

Investigating the role of the hematopoietic system in chronic neuroinflammation and neurodegeneration after traumatic brain injury

Feb 19 Angela DeTomaso 60 (Mesiano Lab)

Localized Progesterone Withdrawal in Decidual Stromal Cells: A Mechanism for Inflammation-Associated Preterm Labor

Feb 26 Jessica Bobbitt 60 (Keri Lab)

Targeting G2/M proteins potentiates the efficacy of CDK4/6  inhibitors in breast cancer

Mar 4

Joseph Kass 30 (Ramakrishnan Lab) 

Sofia Corella 30 (Pieper Lab)

Elucidating the Role of Sam68 in TLR Signaling and  Inflammation 

Lysosomal modifiers of pathogenic tau protein seeding

Mar 18

Quentin Watson 60 (Zimmerman Lab)

Naturally-acquired and Vaccine-induced Human Monoclonal  Antibodies to Plasmodium vivax Duffy Binding Protein Inhibit  Invasion of Plasmodium knowlesi (PvDBPOR) Transgenic  Parasites

Mar 25 Meghan O’Keefe 60 (Abbott Lab)

Signaling pathway regulation in inflammatory cell death

Apr 1

Brianna Busscher 60 (Xiao Lab)

Investigating SARS-CoV-2 ORF3a-mediated NF-κB activation  and interaction with host proteins

Apr 8

Erik Koritzinsky 60 (Fairchild Lab)

Novel strategies to inhibit ischemia-reperfusion injury in high risk allografts
Apr 15 Brendan Boylan 60 (Bergmann Lab)

CNS fibroblast responses to neurotropic coronavirus infection

Apr 22

Natasha Ingles 30 (Keri Lab) 

Yeojung Koh 30 (Pieper Lab)

Loss of the shelterin complex protein TPP1 induces epithelial to mesenchymal transition phenotypes 

Blocking 15-PGDH protects the blood-brain barrier in  Alzheimer’s disease and injury

Apr 29

Lawrence Chu 30 (Chan Lab) 

Sabrina Wang 30 (Lathia Lab)

Investigating PAX3-FOXO1 fusion-derived neoantigens as immunotherapy targets for Rhabdomyosarcoma 

Lipocalin-2 intrinsically drives glioblastoma progression

May 6

Melissa Bonner 60 (A. Huang Lab)

Piezo1 Deletion in CD11b+ Cells Suppresses  
Rhabdomyosarcoma Tumor Growth and Generates a Tumor Permissive Immune Landscape
May 13

Sadiq Silbak 30 (Schmaier Lab) 

Heidi Standke 30 (Kraus Lab)

Epitope Mapping of the α-FXIIa Allosteric Inhibitor Monoclonal  Antibody 5C12/AB054 

Cofactors and Protein Strains' Influence on Pathology in Neurodegenerative Diseases

May 20

Alexander Lesser 60 (Drumm Lab)

Glucose utilization in models of cystic fibrosis