Upcoming and Current Events


GHID Research Conference

Hosted by the Center for Global Health & Diseases & Division of Infectious Diseases & HIV Medicine. Seminars take place at the Center for Global Health & Disease at the Biomedical Research Building (BRB) 4th floor room 433.

GHID Fall 2023 Schedule
Date- (9am - 10am) Speaker Institution Title
Sep 8 Kam Lam, MD CWRU/UH Advancements in Global Health Education
Sep 15 Tyler Bold, MD, PhD University of Minnesota Where the money is: What T-Cells responding to infection can tell us about TB disease.
Sep 22 Bridget Hegarty. PhD CWRU/Engineering Beyond the Gut Microbiome: Engineering healthy microbial communities in buildings
Oct 6 Anna Winnicki, PhD Student King Lab CWRU/CGHD Tackling Plasmodium vivax using AMA1-specific human-derived monoclonal antibodies: Production, Characterization, & Future Applications
Oct 13 Adam Burgener, PhD CWRU/CGHD Updates on vaginal microbiome studies in HPV infection and cervical cancer in women from Cleveland and Uganda
Oct 24 Celia Dechavanne, PhD University of Paris Modulation of neonatal immunity following placental malaria
Oct 27 Charlie Bark, MD CWRU/TBRU Manifesting latent mycobacterium tuberculosis infection
Nov 3 Doug Brubaker, PhD CWRU/CGHD TBA
Nov 10 Elie Saade, MD/Dave Canaday MD CWRU/SOM TBA
Nov 17 Steven Bosinger, PhD Emory University TBA
Nov 24 Holiday    
Dec 1 Paul McLaren, PhD (Zoom only) National Lab for HIV Genetics/University of Manitoba TBA
Dec 8 Jim Kazura, MD CWRU/CGHD TBA
Dec 15 Katherine Dobbs, MD CWRU/CGHD TBA


Pathology Seminar Series

Seminar Series Fall 2023 Schedule
Date- (12pm - 1pm) Speaker Location
Oct 17 Philosophy for Science WRB 5136
Oct 24 Celia Dechavanne, PhD BRB 433
Oct 31 Philosophy for Science WRB 5136
Nov 7 Eric Minikel, Phd & Sonia Vallabh, PhD WRB 1413
Nov 14 Philosophy for Science WRB 5136
Nov 21 Pushpa Pandiyan, PhD WRB 1413
Nov 28 Peder Lund, PhD WRB 1413
Dec 5 Andrew Bellizzi, MD WRB 1413
Dec 12 TBA  
Dec 19 Philosophy for Science WRB 5136


SWIP: Student Works in Progress Seminar Series

Date Speaker Seminar Title
Sep 11

Alyssa Hubal 30 (Subauste Lab)

Kyle Starost 30 (Field Lab)

Src Inhibition Induces PERK-Mediated Selective Autophagy of Toxoplasma gondii

Investigating the GOLPH3 Pathway

Sep 18 Robert Schauner 60 (Wald Lab)

Acute Myeloid Leukemia: Discovering novel prognostic factors

Sep 25

Daniel Kingsley 30 (A. Huang Lab)

Hanna Jeon 30 (Kang Lab)

Assessing the Role of the VCAM1-VLA4 Interaction in Macrophage Polarization in the context of Metastatic Osteosarcoma

The role of USP11 in tau seeding and amyloid deposition

Oct 2

Nisha Kamath 30 (Matreyek Lab)

Vinicius Suzart 30 (Carpenter Lab)

Large-scale Functional Characterization of the STIM1 Calcium Binding cEF-hand

Human CD4 T cells recognize autologous non-infected macrophages exposed to Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection

Oct 9

Daniel Feinberg 30 (Parameswaran Lab)

Thomas Lavin 30 (Tilton Lab)

A novel ligand targeting CAR-T cell for solid tumors and their microenvironment

Work towards a method of programmable immune cell homing

Oct 16 Connor Bargar 60 (Chen Lab)

Peripheral Biomarkers for Synucleinopathies

Oct 30 Zachary Grimmett 60 (Stamler Lab)

Regulation of cardiac energy availability in the setting of ischemic injury by the denitrosylase SCoR2

Nov 6 Vanessa Salazar 60 (Stappenbeck Lab)

Host and microbe-dependent mechanisms of enhanced autoimmune susceptibility driven by checkpoint inhibitors

Nov 13

Michelle Pan 30 (Abbott Lab)

Avinaash Sandhu 30 (Carpenter Lab)

Dissecting the choreography of MLKL activation during necroptosis

Antigen specificity and TCR repertoire of Memory CD4 T cell clones that recognize Mycobacterium tuberculosis infected macrophages

Nov 20 Josie Trichka 60

The ESCRT protein CHMP5 regulates tissue-intrinsic inflammation in skeletal muscle

Nov 27

Sarah McNeer 30 (Goodman Lab)

Blake McCourt 30 (Burberry Lab)

Sex-specific roles of estrogen receptors in CD4+ T cells

Decoding microbial contributions to ALS

Dec 4 Noah Chernosky 60 (Jackson Lab)

Characterizing the Role of Toll-Like Receptor 3 in Triple Negative Breast Cancer Progression

Dec 11

Cheyanne Foster 30 (Dubyak Lab)

Paul Karell 30 (Stappenbeck Lab)

NLRP3 inflammasome signaling in Bone Marrow Derived Mast Cells drives IL-1β release in a gasdermin-D independent manner

Rapid Attrition is a Common Feature of Intestinal IgA Responses Targeting the Microbiota

Dec 18

Angela Liu 60 (Ramakrishnan Lab)

Novel Mechanisms of Immune Regulation Involving NF-kB c-Rel