MS in Pathology (Molecular & Cellular Biology of Disease)

Cells moving through a vein

A credential-building Master's program for those who want to cure disease ... from the bench or the bedside.

Our students receive a strong foundation in Molecular & Cell Biology plus one or more of the following concentration areas:

  • Immunology
  • Infectious Disease
  • Neurodegeneration
  • Cancer Biology
  • Pathology

Who should apply?

Anyone in the biomedical sciences who wants to build their academic profile. Customize the MS degree track – Healthcare or Research – to suit your career goals. 

Healthcare Track Preparation for medical school or US residency programs
Research Track Preparation for PhD programs or biotech/pharma employment

Our highly flexible curriculum allows you to choose from a wide variety of courses and complete the MS Program in 16 months or less. Research opportunities are recommended and widely available, but not required.

What makes our post-bacc program unique?

In addition to a top-notch education, paid assistantships (clinical, teaching), and interview linkage programs (CWRU MD, CWRU PhD), we're a student-focused program that is designed to make the most of your investment in graduate education.

Flexibility Minimal requirements allow you to design a course of study that best fits your scientific interests, academic needs, and career goals.
Learn from the Experts Our faculty are recognized internationally for their expertise in five scientific disciplines.

Research Opportunities

Choose a lab from the largest MS and PhD training network in Cleveland (CWRU, CCF, and UH) to advance your career.
Professional Development

Small classes, MCAT prep, career development programs, and intensive advising are just a few of the ways that we prioritize your growth and success.