Welcome from the Department Chair

Jonathan L. Haines Professor and Chairman, Department of Population and Quantitative Health Sciences

Welcome to the Department of Population and Quantitative Health Sciences (PQHS) in
Case Western Reserve University’s School of Medicine, one of the nation’s top ranked
medical schools. Our department originated in 1885 as the Department of Hygiene and
State Medicine, focusing on the then emerging knowledge about infectious and
communicable diseases. Over the next nearly 140 years, the department has constantly
reshaped itself to discover and apply the latest science to achieve our overarching goal
of improving the health of individuals, communities, and populations through research
and education.

To achieve this goal PQHS has grown into a large department that studies everything
from subcellular immune function to the diversity of community and population-based
public health problems. Our fields of research include bioinformatics, biostatistics,
epidemiology, genetic epidemiology, health services research, population health, and
public health. By working across multiple domains and disciplines we are thus able to
develop and integrate knowledge in powerful ways. Being in close proximity to
nationally recognized hospitals, PQHS has developed rich research collaborations and
our students have extensive professional opportunities.

We encourage you to explore the multiple career paths accessible via our four Master’s
and three Ph.D. programs that educate over 200 trainees every year. We invite you to
explore the fascinating research of our faculty. And know that since we are located in
Cleveland’s University Circle, if you join us you will be steps away from some of the
nation’s most prominent cultural institutions (including the Cleveland Museum of Art and
Severance Hall, home to one of the most admired symphony orchestras in the world),
beautiful parks, and eclectic restaurants. Come, explore, enjoy.