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  • Daoyu Duan
    Mar 01 2024

    PQHS 501 Seminar: Daoyu Duan

    Accommodating Pseudotime Trajectory for Differential Methylation Analysis in Single-Cell DNA Methylation Data: Epidemiology & Biostatistics PhD student Daoyu Duan will speak about their algorithm identifying key biomarkers across the developmental timeline.

  • PQHS logo
    Mar 08 2024

    PQHS 501 Seminar

    One of our PhD students presents research each Friday in Biomedical Research Building room 105. If unable to attend in person, a Zoom option is available.

  • Ayush Giri
    Apr 24 2024

    PQHS Guest Speaker

    Dr. Ayush Giri, an Assistant Professor at Vanderbilt University, researches how non-modifiable risk factors such as genetic predisposition, race, and genetic ancestry and modifiable risk factors influence disease, especially as it relates to women's health.

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