MS in Clinical Research FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

The MS in Clinical Research begins with the Summer course CRSP 401, “Introduction to Clinical Research”, which typically begins the first week in July.

The cost is based on a per credit hour rate. A student is required to take 30 credits hours of coursework to obtain a Master’s in Clinical Research. Therefore, the cost would be estimated by multiplying 30 credit hours by the current per credit hour rate, which can be found on the Student Financial Services website. Tuition is evaluated and adjusted each year. Since the program takes more than a year to complete (typically 2-4 years), the aforementioned calculation would be an estimate of the total cost.

For a Master’s level scholar, 9 credit hours is considered to be full-time and anything less is considered part-time.

The MS in Clinical Research may be taken on either a full-time or part-time basis. Part-time enrollment requires a student to be enrolled in less than 9 credit hours in any given semester.

Note, if you are on a student visa, you must maintain a full-time status.

For both pathways, Thesis and Capstone, you will have two Mentors. Part of being accepted into the Master’s program is the assignment of a CRSP (Clinical Research Scholars Program) Mentor. This mentor is assigned to assist you with enrollment, planning your course of study, directing you to services, etc .

For the Thesis pathway, since you will be working closely with your Research Mentor, we ask that you locate this individual. The Research Mentor must be an expert in the same field as your Thesis topic. This responsibility allows you to find someone you feel most comfortable with and who will provide you with the best research direction.

For the Capstone pathway, the department will work with you and our partners to determine a good fit for you and your educational goals.

Once the application and all supporting documentation are received, the entire application packet will go to the Admissions Committee. The Admissions Committee will review the application packet and will contact the applicant requesting an interview. After the interview, the Committee will make a decision as to whether admittance will be granted. An email will be issued to the scholar informing them of the Admissions Committee’s decision.