Spring 2021 Public Health Innovations Conference

Thursday, April 29th and Friday, April 30th 

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, the Spring 2021 Public Health Innovations Conference is being held virtually. To review the day's events, see the Spring 2021 Innovations Conference Agenda

The Public Health Innovations Conference is an opportunity for graduating MPH students to showcase the results of their Culminating Experience. 

The Culminating Experience is the centerpiece of the Case Western Reserve MPH program. It gives students the opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills they have acquired through their academic coursework to a problem involving the health of the community.  

There are two Innovations Conferences each academic year, one in the fall and one in the spring. Each Innovations Conference features a poster session based on student practicum projects, and oral presentations based on student capstone projects. Each conference also features a keynote speaker who will discuss a topic relevant and current to the field of public health. 

Practicum Posters

Ibrahim Alasafrah: The Minority Men’s COVID-19 Project

Theresa Aldrich: Healthy Corner Store Initiatives: Insights from Conversations in the Field

Naif Alyahyawi: Public Health Policies and Initiatives: Towards Zero COVID-19 Project in Saudi Arabia

Cathy Charles: Working to Prevent Domestic Violence Using Technology

Hannah Clarke: Integrating Community Based Participatory Approach Elements into Periods for Peace: A Sexual & Reproductive Health Program

Sarah Frischmann: Spatiotemporal Analysis of Environmental Cholera Risks in a Haitian Informal Settlement

Caitlyn Grubbs: Who’s Missing? Assessing Geographic Bias among Low Acuity, Frequent Utilizers of the Emergency Department

Chloe Jen: COVID-19 Vaccines: Best Practices for FQHCs in Cuyahoga County

Kyla Johnson: Malaria and COVID-19: Creating a Vaccine Outreach Program

Nicolas Kaplan: Insurance and Clinical Factors in a Mostly Hispanic Cohort of Patients Hospitalized for COVID-19

Rhea Kohli: Health Equity in Cuyahoga County: Significance of Communication Tools and Programs to Address COVID-19 Disparities

Amisha Kumar: Clinical Trial Recruitment from a Public Health Perspective

Maeve MacMurdo: Rural Homelessness during COVID-19: Implications for Health Service Delivery

Imran Nahin: Designing and Evaluating Instruments for Qualitative Research and Analysis 

Nicolette Okoro: Conducting COVID-19 Case Investigations at a Local Health Department

Brianna Olson: COVID-19 and Workers' Rights: An Analysis of the Restaurant Industry in Cleveland, OH

Riya Patel: A Systematic Review of the Evidence Based Practices for Social Needs Screening and Referral Programs

Maggie Rybak: Understanding the Passive Authorization Process from the Provider Perspective for the Ohio Cancer Incidence and Surveillance System 

Kristal Scott: Quality Improvement Assessment of an Emergency Department-Based HIV and Syphilis Testing and Care Collaborative (HIVTCC)

Aashna Shah: A Systematic Review of Community Interventions for Reducing Pediatric Asthma Exacerbations

Hannnah Thome: Cleveland Department of Public Health: Contact Tracing and COVID-19 Surveillance

Emily Tyszka: Addressing the Research Gap: Exploring Barriers and Facilitators of Minority Participation in Multiple Sclerosis Research

Samantha Waddell: Leveraging Technology to Prevent Violence