Biomedical & Health Informatics Career Outcomes

With the training gained through a certificate or Master’s degree in Biomedical & Health Informatics, students may pursue opportunities as data scientists, health informatics consultants/technicians, and clinical data scientists. Students may also decide to continue their academic and research interests with our PhD program, which prepares them to take on more senior leadership roles in health systems, biotech companies, or state and federal health administrations, among others. Hear more from our students and community partners:

Claudia Cabrera, Biomedical & Health Informatics Student at CWRU 

"My professors are working in settings that I want to work at....I think that's a huge advantage of this program. Our professors are not just theoretical, this is what they do in their daily lives."

Justin Coran, Senior Data Scientist, University Hospitals

"Data science has exploded as an industry today. As of the last jobs report and the information on higher education I saw, it shows that there are thousands and thousands of open jobs and not enough data science applicants to fill those jobs nationwide across industries."

Peter Provonost, Chief Clinical Transformation Officer, Chief Quality Officer, University Hospital 

"In our population health or ACO, we have several internships a year and what that allows us to do is bring students in who have some of the background skills to help with our tools to improve value for the people we provide and there's an ever growing need as we accumulate large amounts of data to have data science or graduates or interns to be key parts of our team."