Culminating Experiences

The multi-semester Culminating Experience is the centerpiece of the Case Western Reserve MPH program. A public health field Practicum and multi-semester Capstone project are required of all MPH students. This two-course sequence (9 credits total) places students in health related settings to work on projects of mutual interest to the agency or organization and the student. Students are strongly encouraged to complete their Practicum and Capstone as a single Culminating Experience, with a proposal that describes both the Practicum and Capstone project. The manner in which credits are allocated between semesters is flexible and is determined by the student and their advisor. Projects must be relevant to the student’s chosen concentration.

Download the Guide to the Culminating Experience

Public Health Practicum (MPHP 650) Requirements:

  • A minimum of 120 hours (3 credit hours) engaged in experiential education with a community partner organization
  • A structured, individually arranged Practicum agreement with a community partner that describes the nature of the Practicum experience, including public health competencies addressed
  • An identified Practicum preceptor, who also may serve as a member of the Capstone Committee when the Public Health Capstone is done with the same organization
  • Evaluation of the student by the Practicum preceptor
  • A Practicum report that describes the full practicum experience, including competencies addressed and perceived effect of the experience on future career
  • An evaluation of the Practicum site and Practicum preceptor by the student

The Public Health Practicum Kit offers more detail.

Public Health Capstone (MPHP 652) Requirements:

  • A minimum of 240 hours (6 credit hours) dedicated to a Capstone project involving a scholarly project of mutual benefit to the student and the partner
  • Preparation and submission of a Capstone essay of publishable quality
  • Presentation of Capstone project at biennial Innovations in Population Health Conference
  • Evaluation of the Capstone essay and Capstone presentation from at least 3 members of the Capstone Committee

The Public Health Capstone Kit offers more details and includes all forms needed.