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Look Around You: Public Health Matters 

This podcast series, based in the Master of Public Health Program at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, highlights public health students, practitioners, and researchers in and around Cleveland, Ohio. 

Created by MPH students and hosted collaboratively with Andrew Morris, Director of Community Based Education for the MPH program, this podcast series features interviews and discussions with public health leaders about leading topics in public health today.

Episode 8: Dr. Julie Gerberding

In this episode (the second of a two-part series featuring previous CDC Directors) we sit down with Dr. Julie Gerberding, a double-alum of Case Western Reserve University and genuine public health rockstar. We discuss pandemic preparedness, building back trust of public health officials, and ways in which medicine and public health can move forward from lessons learned from COVID-19.

Episode 7: Dr. Tom Frieden

We are honored to welcome Dr. Tom Frieden to the podcast for the first of a two-part series with former CDC directors. Dr. Frieden, Director of the CDC during the Obama administration, brings a wealth of knowledge to this conversation about global health, COVID-19, health promotion, cultural competency, and public health preparedness before reminding us that public health is "hard work at work worth doing."

Episode 6: Dr. Georges Benjamin

We are thrilled and honored to welcome Dr. Georges Benjamin, Executive Director of the American Public Health Association, to the podcast. We discuss the past and future of public health, structural racism and the challenges the field is currently facing and will face in a post-COVID world, and some advice for tomorrow's public health leaders.

Episode 5: Dr. Toby Cosgrove

In this episode, we sit down (virtually) with Dr. Toby Cosgrove, former CEO and current Executive Advisor of the Cleveland Clinic. We discuss the future of healthcare, how the healthcare system can address social determinants of health, communication in times of crisis, innovation in healthcare delivery, and more.

Episode 4: Exploring the Neurological Impacts of COVID-19 

In this episode, we bring you an open and honest discussion about mental health struggles experienced as a result of COVID-19. This episode creates a space for healing as our guest, Elizabeth Halko, reminds us to be patient with ourselves. 

Episode 3: Louise Flavahan 

In this episode, CWRU double alum, Louise Flavahan, JD, MPH joins us to discuss congressional procedures, the filibuster, the Affordable Care Act, and how public health professionals can translate passion and expertise into political action. 

Episode 2: Dr. Peter Zimmerman 

In this episode, we welcome Dr. Peter Zimmerman for a discussion on the global health perspectives of the COVID-19 pandemic and the world's response to it. Dr. Zimmerman joins MPH students Ibrahim Alasafrah and Ellen Brinza to take a deep dive into the historical context of global health, the image of the US public health system internationally, and the lessons we can learn from 150 years of global health research and practice to combat this pandemic - and the next.

Episode 1: Dr. Scott Frank 

In this episode, we welcome Dr. Scott Frank for a conversation that can be best summarized as "A Personal and Professional Perspective on COVID-19." Dr. Frank joins Andrew Morris, director of community based education for MPH and Ibrahim Alasafrah, second year MPH student, to discuss personal experiences with COVID-19, the local, state, and federal responses to the novel coronavirus outbreak, and the lessons public health should take away from the pandemic.