Scott Frank, MD, MS, comments on BA.2 risks in Ohio

Composite image of Omicron and Cleveland skyline

While COVID-18 case counts are low, that could be because people aren’t reporting their positive home tests. There’s also Ohio's vaccination rate to consider, which at 58% is at the lower end nationwide.

Scott Frank, MD, MS – commented to News 5 about monitoring the Omicron BA.2 subvariant in Ohio.

As he noted:

Cases remain very low in the US, which may be part of why people don't appear is concerned about this as they have about other variants. That lack of concern, if it's well-founded, won't cause any harm at all, but the loosening of restrictions and lack of concern, if in fact, this becomes a new surge, will make it that much more difficult to deal with that surge.

We're under-vaccinated for the primary series, we are under-vaccinated for the booster, and certain populations are more under-vaccinated than others. 

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