Wyatt Bensken, PhD candidate, featured on Epilepsy Sparks podcast

Wyatt Bensken on Epilepsy Sparks podcast

Wyatt Bensken, BS, PhD candidate, recorded a podcast episode with an epilepsy patient/advocate who runs Epilepsy Sparks, an organization that bridges the gap between patients, neurologists, and scientists. https://www.epilepsysparks.com/ 

The podcast focused on the paper titled: Burden of Chronic and Acute Conditions and Symptoms in People with Epilepsy authored by Bensken and colleagues that came out in Neurology in October 2021. The paper can be found here:  https://n.neurology.org/content/97/24/e2368 

You can listen to the podcast through the site https://www.torierobinson.com/podcast
Or wherever you listen to podcasts through Epilepsy Sparks Insights.