Excited to start your CWRU experience? Check out these tips from our orientation leaders.

“Let the first semester be your way to explore the school, find clubs you're interested in, and make new friends. Really take time to branch out and try things you might not have before as you are getting into the swing of classes. Taking initiative early on will help you create a network and connections that will help you throughout college and help build good habits early on. This is the perfect time to get accustomed to campus, find several of your favorite study and snack spots, and just get involved in the community!” - Avisha ‘26

“Take your time to adjust to the school! It is a very big adjustment period (for most) so it will take some time getting used to campus, living in the dorms, living with someone else, eating at the dining halls, meeting new people, etc. To feel more integrated in the school, try going to different university and club events, explore and study in different buildings, and get to know the restaurant/food scene.” - Julia ‘26

“Keeping an open mind about all the new people and opportunities you will run into is an important part of beginning your college experience. You are sure to find many exciting and unexpected chances to discover life at CWRU, and it helps to keep an open mind towards surprising possibilities.” - Melanie ‘25

“To get the most out of experience at the start of school you have to step outside your comfort zone and be willing to try new things. College is a good time to explore, do things that you maybe have never done before, try a new food, explore downtown, or find a unique path to hike.” - Ankit ‘24