Explore the Discover Week schedule

Orientation leaders high-fiving freshmen at Case Western Reserve University

Soon enough, Discover Week begins at Case Western Reserve University! 

During this time, you will meet new friends and get to know current students serving as your orientation leaders. Some days, you might participate in a small-group meeting or workshops. Or, you might explore campus on a campus resource tour. Each day is a little different, but each day is sure to be fun!

Discover Week Schedule for Students

Orientation leaders will be able to answer your questions, share community resources, and introduce you to the people and tools you’ll want to know during your years at CWRU. You’ll participate in the information fair, engage in activities based on your interests and more! 

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Most of the events throughout Discover Week are required for all new students to attend. You’ll meet with your orientation leaders Sunday, Aug. 20, and they will review the schedule with you and talk through where you are required to be and also which activities you can build into your schedule yourself. 

Discover Week Schedule for Parents and Families

Case Western Reserve University is excited to welcome to our community the parents and family members of students entering Case Western Reserve in fall 2023. Join us for a series of special online events this month and review the schedule of events for parents and families taking place on campus during Discover Week.

Check out the schedule of events.