Interacting with professors, teaching assistants, Supplemental Instruction leaders and peer tutors

Your professors will encourage you to ask questions in class, participate in discussions, send emails, interact with discussions on Canvas and visit them during their office hours or through a scheduled appointment. Their expectations and contact information will be outlined in the syllabus for each of your courses. Don’t wait to interact with your faculty until you really need assistance. Start the relationship from the beginning of the semester. 

Teaching assistants, often called TAs, are either graduate or undergraduate students who teach, grade and lead lab sessions. They assist you similarly to your professors.

Supplemental Instruction (SI) leaders and peer tutors are undergraduate students who have been successful with the content of the courses they support. They are trained to work in an informal, friendly and supportive manner. They will expect you to participate actively in the SI or tutoring sessions so that you can clarify concepts. Instead of lecturing or teaching you in a formal way, they will use a method that requires you to work in a collaborative manner.