Pre-med and pre-health Canvas course open to current students

Pre-med and pre-health students are invited to enroll in the Canvas course, "Medical School Application Process and Preparation." Despite the title, this course is intended to support all pre-health students, including pre-dental, pre-physician assistant, and others, as they consider how to become a competitive applicant. Important information regarding prerequisites, experiences, and application processes can be found within the course.

While this course was primarily developed to support students in the application cycle, the "Getting Started at CWRU" and “Preparing as a Pre-Health/Pre-Med Student” modules are particularly helpful for new students, as it contains many common questions and recommendations on how to build a strong foundation as a pre-health/pre-med student.

The course serves as the hub for CWRU's Composite Letter Process. Pre-med and pre-dental students seeking a composite letter packet for the 2024-2025 cycle are required to complete the course. Additional details on the composite letter application process will be announced on October 25, but enrollment is encouraged now.

Enroll in the Canvas course