Welcome to CWRU!

Students walking across campus

Welcome to Case Western Reserve University!

You’re one of us! We are here for you and excited for you to make CWRU your own. 

And welcome to your first edition of Thrive, a weekly email which will be your guide to stay on top of important information from CWRU to help with your transition to our community.

In this issue, we introduce you to the Roadmap, which helps you prepare for your arrival on campus. We will explain what’s happening every step of the way. 

We’ll be in touch with you each week throughout the summer to update you with important information and deadlines you’ll need to know as you embark on your first year at Case Western Reserve. You’ll be hearing from us all school year, too, with a weekly Thursday evening e-newsletter, Thrive, that will keep you in-the-know about important deadlines, fun events and other must-have info. 

We are happy to welcome you to campus and the city of Cleveland, and we look forward to updating you on campus programming and important academic information you will need to know throughout the school year.