Meet your team

Students studying

A key to your success as a CWRU student is the team of people surrounding you. You will have several people designated to be a resource to you, not only as you begin your experience, but throughout your time at Case Western Reserve University. 

Your advisors: Your advisors are here for you!  Their role is to ensure you have a successful and enriching social and academic experience.  In addition to supporting your transition to campus, they will assist you with the identification of long-term goals, campus resources and engagement opportunities, and career plans.  They will also connect you to other resources at the university as needed to ensure you can truly maximize your time here at CWRU.

Your library advisor: Your library advisor can guide you through library services, keep you informed about resources and programs, answer questions about library policies and procedures, provide research assistance, develop search strategies, and even schedule meetings throughout the year.

Your orientation leaders: During Discover Week—your CWRU orientation—you will meet many orientation leaders (OLs), including two who will be your specific guides throughout the week and beyond. Orientation leaders are a welcoming group of current CWRU students ready to be a resource, guide and friend as you start your experience.

Your residential community director: Your residential community director (RCD) is a full-time professional who lives and works in the residential community. The RCD provides comprehensive leadership and support for your residential community and actively manages the learning experience at both the community and individual levels—monitoring and supporting your holistic academic, social and personal development throughout your first year.

Your resident assistant: Resident assistants (RAs) are CWRU students who live in the residential communities and work in teams to provide support. The primary focus of an RA is to promote a community that feels safe, is focused on learning, and is inclusive and respectful of all members.

People you choose along the way: Beyond all the specific people above, you’ll have the opportunity to add to your team along the way. You’ll have various faculty teaching your courses. Staff members that will serve as great resources on campus. We hope that you’ll get involved with a student organization or two as well. You will be surrounded by people on campus who want to see you succeed.