Fun tips for living on campus

“Have a low-lofted bed just high enough for the drawers to fit underneath the bed. There is plenty of storage in the freshman dorms, and a low-lofted bed makes it easier to put the sheets on.” - Hope ‘26, orientation leader

“Don't procrastinate doing your laundry because it will definitely be too busy when you really need to do it!” - Abigail ‘26, orientation leader

“Go to residence hall sponsored events! You get a chance to meet your neighbors and it is a great way to make new friends. Also, it is a nice way to meet your RA should you need assistance (a.k.a. you get locked out of the dorm!).” - Samantha ‘26, orientation leader

“Spend time in the common room, especially during Discover Week. I met some of my closest friends in the common room.” - Emory ‘26, orientation leader

“Decorate! Claim your dorm and make it feel like a home instead of just a room. The more you personalize, the easier it is to transition into college residential life.” - Luke ‘25, orientation leader

“One fun tip for living in residence halls is to not be afraid to talk with people you see in the bathroom! Honestly, you’ll see them so often when you’re brushing teeth/getting ready for the morning or bed. It’s a really unexpected place to talk with them and talk about the day that’s coming/how the day went.” - Dave ‘24, orientation leader

“Budget time for chores! You think you can spontaneously do your laundry or shower, but it's easy to forget that you share the building with so many people. It sometimes takes double the time to do a simple chore.” - Nandu ‘26, orientation leader

“Don't microwave mac and cheese without adding water.” - Sophia ‘25, orientation leader