Course registration for incoming students is from July 18 through July 20

CWRU student in a business course

Course registration opens Tuesday, July 18 at 9 a.m. Eastern and will close on Thursday, July 20 at 11:59 p.m. Eastern. Review the information below to ensure a successful first semester registration at CWRU.

1. Act to remove any pre-registration holds in SIS.

Prior to registration, confirm that any holds have been removed from your account by viewing the Tasks tile in SIS. If you have a hold, use the links below for instructions on how to lift that hold.

2. Review follow-up guidance from your four-year advisor. 

After your summer meeting, you received a summary email discussing courses to enroll in this fall. In addition to the course selection resource, you should review this guidance before registering for courses.  

3. Confirm that AP, IB, and/or approved transfer credit is posted as you expected.
You can check this in SIS in the “Grades and History” tile, and then click “Course History”. If you believe you have official AP or IB credit that is missing, first confirm that you have submitted your official scores to CWRU. You can then follow up with your four-year advisor for further support.

4. Prepare your Shopping Cart. Before the registration period begins:

  • Review the SIS instructions on how to register from your Shopping Cart (Steps 16-20)
  • Validate your Shopping Cart in SIS to double check for date/time conflicts or pre/co-requisite issues.
  • If needed, review instructions for requesting class permissions and consult with your four-year advisor before making a request

5. Log in on July 18 and enroll. When registration opens on July 18 at 9 a.m. Eastern, return to your Shopping Cart in SIS and click “enroll” to process your registration.

  • After you register for your classes, visit your Roadmap to update your checklist and mark “Course Registration” as complete and refresh the page. If your placement is in a Spring Academic Inquiry Seminar, no additional action is required. 
  • If your placement is a Fall Academic Inquiry Seminar:
    • If you selected a Topical Seminar, a new item "Academic Inquiry Seminar Placement Times" will activate to allow you to indicate your interests.
    • If you selected Foundations Seminar or Seminar for Non-Native Speakers of English, you will be placed in a section that fits your schedule, and do not need to take any further action.