Vehicle Registration

Effective January 14, 2019

The University requires that all vehicles operated on campus by members of the University community be registered with Access Services. 

Registration is required for automobiles, sport utility vehicles (SUVs), trucks, vans, mopeds, and motorcycles, etc. 

Bicycles should be registered with the CWRU Public Safety

The registration policy applies to all students, whether they reside off campus, in a University residence hall, or a fraternity or sorority house; to all faculty members; to all staff members; to vendors doing business on University premises; and to construction workers. In short, the policy applies to anyone who is here for anything other than a single, short-term visit, or special events. Short term is anything less than five days.

Vehicle Registration: Customers should log in using their CWRU Net ID and password. You should verify all the pre-filled information and make changes as necessary.  If the fields are not pre-filled, you will need to complete the missing data.   
What you will need:

•    Must use Internet Explorer
•    Please have available the Vehicle license plate number, the state where registered, make, model, year and color of the vehicle(s) to be registered before you log in.
•    That link is:
•    Select “Vehicles” from the top section of the webpage.
•    You will be asked to enter your CWRU net ID and password.
•    To edit current vehicle on your account click the license plate number of that vehicle. 
•    Click “Add Vehicle “to add a vehicle to the account.
•    Click “Permit” in the top navigation bar, followed by “View Your        Permits.”
•    Select a permit number listed. (Please select an active or issued permit).
•    Click “Add vehicles to Permit” at the bottom of the page.
•    Check the box next to the vehicles(s) to be associated with the permit and select” Add the selected vehicle.

Multiple Vehicles

Faculty and Staff

Faculty and staff can register a limited (5) number of vehicles to their online parking profile, but a maximum of three vehicles can be linked to one permit. Of the three linked vehicles, only one may be parked on campus at a time to avoid receiving a citation. You cannot change a plate that has open violations.

Motorcycles are considered one of your vehicles if you link it to your parking permit. You can access the online parking portal anytime to add or remove vehicles (including motorcycles or rentals) from your account. 

Students may only register one vehicle per permit. You can add the vehicle by accessing the online parking portal with the instructions provided in the next section. If you wish to change the vehicle registered to your parking permit, the change must be completed online. You cannot change a plate that has open violations.

Tenants, and Temporary Employees
Must complete vehicle registration in person at Access Services or email a copy of their vehicle registration or email:

Two Family Members 

If two family members share vehicles and each has a permit, both vehicles can be registered to both accounts, and both vehicles may be parked on campus at the same time. However, if one person has an "A" permit and the other has a "B" permit, only one vehicle may park in an "A" parking space at a time. Both cars may be parked on campus at the same time if one is in an "A" space, and the other is in a "B" space, or if either one or both are in a "B" space since people with an "A" Permit are allowed to park in an "A," "B" or "C" spaces.

Temporary Plates

Temporary, paper license plates on new vehicles need to be registered online and linked to an individual's permit to avoid receiving a citation. Once the permanent plate has been obtained, it should be added to the permit online. The temporary plate should be removed from both the permit and the parking profile.

Rental Vehicles

As is the case with any other vehicle, rental vehicles need to be registered online and linked to an individual's permit. When the rental car has been returned and is no longer in use, the information for the rental should be removed from both the permit and the parking profile as it may be rented and parked on campus by a different driver in the future.

Assistance:  For additional assistance, contact CWRU Access Services via email at or (216) 368-2273.