Additional Policies

In addition to parking in their assigned lots, CWRU parking permit holders are permitted to park in the following lots at the stated day/times and parking holidays:

  • Weekdays from 4:30 -7:30 p.m. and 24 hours on Saturdays and Sundays in Lots 1A, 44, 46, 47, and 55’s lower permit section only. Afterhours access to S29 and S53 is between 6 p.m. and 7:30 a.m. and must be obtained in advance from CWRU Access Services. The last time you can enter into all CWRU lots is 3 a.m. A separate access card may be required for after-hours access. A $10 deposit is required for an after-hours access card. After-hours access is not available in lots during special events, including Severance Hall concerts.
  • Vehicles parked in after-hours lots between 7:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Monday-Friday will be ticketed and/or charged the appropriate visitor rate. Tickets issued for this reason will not be waived. Abuse of after-hours access will result in removal of privilege.
  • Please note that legal holidays are parking/university holidays. Please refer to the university for parking/university holidays.

  1. No permit holders, institutional employees, outside contractors, or students are permitted to use  CWRU visitor lots for daily work- or school-related parking. Citations will be issued for this infraction.
  2. Usage of parking near retail areas by permit holders on campus is permitted. Extended stays and/or abuse of this privilege is prohibited and may result in a violation.

Designated parking spaces are provided for employees, students, and visitors with disabilities in accordance with applicable law. The intent is to provide an environment in which individuals with disabilities can be reasonably accommodated.

  1. Parking spaces for visitors with disabilities are designated in all visitor lots.
  2. All employees and students with disabilities who wish to park in permit lots will be provided with a parking space which shall reasonably accommodate their disability. Other reasonable accommodations may also be made upon request.
  3. All parkers using spaces designated for disabled persons must display a state issued disabled parking card or license plate on the vehicle.
  4. A valid permit for the lot that they are parking in must be displayed with a handicap placard or plate.

Institutions or special event sponsors may make special arrangements for parking and transportation for special events in University Circle.

  1. Requests must be submitted in writing and received by the SP+ office and CWRU departments must contact thirty (30) calendar days before the event is scheduled to occur.
  2. Special event parking and transportation are subject to the availability of lots, drivers, and buses.
  3. Excluding institutional sponsored events, special event sponsors are required to pay a deposit for such services when an event is scheduled and confirmed.