What's New

June 2023 Flywire Enhancements

On June 14, 2023, Case Western Reserve will make changes to the payment platform [CWRUpay] in the Student Information System (SIS).  The university will continue using Flywire for its payment platform, however, students and their SIS authorized users will see redesigned pages for making payments, viewing monthly billing statements, and enrolling in the university's payment plan.

The functionalities will remain the same, however user screens may be different.

Some changes students and their SIS authorized users will see in the CWRUpay payment platform include:

Making a Payment Enhancements

  • "Make a Payment" is now a button in the header instead of a tab. There is a balance summary which includes an info bubble that displays the account balance calculation. This allows the payer to see their balance and make a payment from any tab.
  • Schedule or cancel a future one time payment. 

For more detailed information on the changes please go to Flywire's website. Please note that certain features or enhancements may not be applicable to Case Western Reserve. 

If you have a suggestion for future enhancements to the payment platform, please contact student accounts at studentaccounts@case.edu.