Common Fees and Transactions

Please include the 7-digit Student ID number in all correspondence for prompt response.  Federal privacy regulations dictate that questions specifically about students can only be asked by students and their Authorized Users.  If you are a parent or other payer on a student's account, the student must establish you as an Authorized User in order for your questions to be answered.  Please see instructions in the SIS Financial User Guide.

The table below shows a list of common fees and transactions on a student's account and is not meant to include all fees and transactions on a student's account.  Fees may be subject to change without prior noticeTuition, room rates, and board rates are made available after approval by the university's Board of Trustees. 

Questions about specific line items on a student's account, please use the contact information as listed.

Item Description Email Phone
Tuition Tuition charges vary by program of study and number of enrolled credit hours.  Tuition for each program is listed at Tuition + Fees. 216.368.2226
Board Charges & Related Charges This is also referred to as "meal plan," board charges are based on the student's meal plan selection.  Meal plan options, including rates, can be found at the Dining Services website. 216.368.5844
Room & Related Charges Room charges are based on room selection and assignment.  Rates can be found at the University Housing website. 216.368.3780
1st Day E-Book A program for selected courses participating in the First Day® inclusive access program.  The materials for the course(s) are available in digital format through the LMS, and the cost will be reflected on the student account as a ‘1st Day E-Book Course Materials’ Fee. Students who do not wish to participate in the program can choose to opt out within Canvas by the add/drop deadline for each semester. Opting out is not recommended and may make it more complicated to complete required assignments.  Please visit the Barnes and Noble University Bookstore for more information. 844-932-6657
Academic Course Fees Academic departments may charge additional fees based on a student's registered courses.  Please visit the Schedule of Classes for more information. 216.368.4310
Activity Fee A required fee to fund student organizations, initiatives, publications, and programming. 216.368.2226 
Bookstore Bucks A program that allows all undergraduate students to charge textbooks and academic supplies, up to $800 per semester (subject to change), directly to their student account.  Please visit Barnes and Noble University Bookstore for more information. 216.368.5844
CaseCash CaseCash is a declining balance tender loaded on a student's CaseOneCard.  It may be used at a variety of food and non-food locations both on and off campus, including the University Bookstore.  $1 in CaseCash equals $1 of purchasing power.  CaseCash included in the meal plan is deposited into the student's account at the beginning of the semester.  Additional CaseCash can be added throughout the semester.  Additional information is available at the Dining Services website. 216.368.5844
Collection Accounts Delinquent accounts may be referred to collections. 216.368.2226
Financial Aid  Financial aid may appear as Anticipated Aid or actual credits on a student's account.  This includes scholarships, grants, fellowships, and loans. 216.368.4530
Graduate Student Council Fee A required fee charged to all graduate and professional students (except for the School of Graduate Studies students) to support the Graduate Student Council. 216.368.2226 
Late Fee Any charges not paid by the stated due date will result in the student's account being past-due.  Past-due accounts are subject to late fees and financial hold, which could prevent a student from registering for classes and receiving their official transcript and/or diploma. 216.368.2226
Late Registration Fee If a student registers after the first day of classes, a late registration fee will be assessed to the student's account.  If a student has extenuating circumstances outside the normal registration procedures and guidelines, the student can complete a late registration fee petition and submit to the University Registrar's Office. 216.368.4310
Loans Accepted loans may appear as Anticipated Aid or actual credits on a student's account.  This includes Direct loans, Parent PLUS, PLUS, and private loans. 216.368.4530
Matriculation Fee A required fee for first-time undergraduate degree-seeking students. 216.368.2226
One to One Fitness Membership Fee and Sales Tax Graduate and professional students are automatically enrolled each semester as members of the One to One Fitness Center at a discounted rate.  Students may elect to have their excess financial aid pay for this fee by granting Excess Aid Permission.  Students can opt-out (waive) this fee by the stated tuition due date for each semester through the self-service option in the Student Information Systems (SIS).  Students must opt-out every semester.  To opt-out after the stated tuition due date, students must send an email to One to One Fitness Center. 216.368.1121
RTA Transportation Fee The Regional Transit Authority (RTA) provides undergraduate students and graduate/professional students with unlimited use of public transportation services.  The fee is automatically charged to students, except those students explicitly in online programs and programs outside of Cuyahoga County.  Additional information is available at the Access Services website. 216.368.2273
Student Medical Plan The Student Medical Plan provides coverage for preventive care, medical and mental health services, prescriptions, discount dental and vision.  The Plan is insured by Aetna Life Insurance Company (Aetna).  Students who have comparable coverage that meets the University’s waiver criteria, may be eligible to waive the Student Medical Plan.  Additional information is available at the Student Medical Plan website. 216.368.3049
Study Abroad If a student is in a study abroad program, please visit Office of Education Abroad for more information.  216.368.2517
Tuition Deposit Admitted students may be required to pay a nonrefundable commitment deposit.  The deposit will be credited to the student's account and reflected on the first term's billing statement. 216.368.2226
Tuition Waivers (HR)

Tuition or education benefits are administered by Human Resources Benefits Administration.  Employees (faculty and staff), including their spouse and dependents, may be eligible for education benefits.  Education benefits forms must be completed each semester and submitted by the first day of classes.  A tuition waiver will be credited to the student's account after the first day of classes.  216.368.6964